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Discover in-store secrets that will help you thrive and bypass the retail apocalypse

In this groundbreaking book about winning back the modern customer, Amy Roche describes the ‘experiments’ she performed in her own retail store. In The Retail Experiment you’ll learn how to:

  • Leave behind old retail methods and mindsets that no longer work
  • Understand, value and engage with the modern customer
  • Evaluate and capitalize on the changed shopping environment
  • Market to and communicate with customers in fresh new ways
  • Make your store an exciting place to visit
  • Appeal to the emotions of your customers
  • Successfully position your business in the ‘experience economy’

Amy examines winning strategies, pitfalls and the five strategies she discovered that drew customers in like magnets, increasing visitation, sales and overall engagement.

What readers are saying

David Woollcott
"Amy's fun approach to retail today is insightful, carefully considered and comes from real world experiences that any retail executive or manager could implement. She demystifies abstract ideas and links them back to human behaviour with practical and actionable advice for making stores more exciting for shoppers."
David Woollcott – CEO Winning Appliances
Andrew Griffiths
"There are very few people in the world of retail that understand just how important the customer experience actually is. Amy Roche is one of those people. If I was a retailer, she is the only person I would call to help me create instore experience that translates to sales every time."
Andrew Griffiths – International Bestselling Business Author, Speaker and Commentator
Lisa Cutforth
"The market has changed. Customers don’t just want your product, or good customer service, they want a “retail experience”! Amy is a thought leader and a change-maker in this area. If you are in retail, at the very least, you need to read her book!"
Lisa Cutforth, Owner of Fit Foods Club & Healthy Meals to Your Door
Oliver Ranck
"The Retail Experiment is exactly that: an experiment to identify the successes and pitfalls of the customer experience based on real-life tests. As with all experiments, sometimes the results were unexpected. Amy has done the hard yards to develop insightful, relevant and implementable strategies for retailers using her own store as the lab."
Oliver Ranck, CEO Octomedia, publisher of Inside Retail
Karl Schwantes
"In today’s world it simply isn’t enough any more to just provide good products with great service. Your clients are wanting more; no – they are demanding more. They are wanting an amazing experience when they walk through your door. The Retail Experiment couldn’t come at a better time. Experience works in retail, and this book is full of great ideas and strategies that will engage your very best customers, reduce competition and increase profit."
Karl Schwantes, Managing Director, Xennox Diamonds
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  • Uncover the biggest mistakes retailers make in the experience economy
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About the author

Amy Roche is a retailer, marketer and in-store customer experience champion with a passion for helping retailers re-connect with customers. She’s been in the retail and marketing industry in Australia and the US for 20 years, owning a 2500sqm retail store for 11 years of that time. She’s a keynote speaker, author, and director of Retail Rockstars – a retail marketing platform that sources experts, and manages, markets and creates live in-store events for customers

Who is this book for?

This book is written specifically for retail owners, franchisee’s, joint venture partners and store managers. Amy say’s it’s for,

“The real-deal in the midst of it all type of retailers. This is for the person who, like me, turned up every day (okay most days). It’s for the retailer who wants to play a bigger game. One that involves a less ‘icky’ way of being successful at retail and one that deeply resonates with your absolute best customers.”

The Retail Experience

Table of Contents:

Understanding the New Customer
Changed Shopping Environments
The Value of Customer Engagement
The Retail Experiment, Hypothesis, Setting the Scene, Fails and Big Wins
Becoming more than a Sales Machine
Experience & Engagement; Counter Intuitive for Retailers
Humanising your Store
Dr Google Versus Actual Experts
Localisation and Nationalisation Trends
Experience Shaping our World
Discovering the Steps in Your Customer Journey
The Importance of Retail Storytelling
Using Stories like a Pro
Pack a Punch with Events
Events: Bringing it all Together
Retail Revival Conclusion
The Retail Experience

Why you should buy this book

Have you been spending more than ever on marketing, but feel your customers are responding less? Do you know the retail environment has changed, but you’re not sure how to respond? Have you been generous with your customers, giving them bigger discounts, loyalty programs, the best-trained staff and helpful emails, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough?

Customers across all industries have changed dramatically in recent years, but many retailers have failed to connect or understand these new shoppers. Retailers who can’t empathize and respond to their new problems will be quickly left behind.

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