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We create amazingly helpful events to share with your customers in-store.


Using our Experience by Design framework we anchor the positive customer experience to your brand and location. This helps attendee’s not only become your best customers but also your best local advocates. On average, over 24 percent of people who attend our events end up purchasing within the next 3 days.


Our events are facilitated by our ‘Rockstars’ – who are industry experts; entrepreneurs, authors, stylists, health and foodie gurus with a unique message that directly helps your retail customer. Our Rockstars are highly skilled experts and their know-how creates high-value events that deeply engage with your ideal customers.

Lalita Lowe
Signature Uniform

As women most of us wear only 20% of the clothes we have in our closet. We gravitate towards a small percentage of pieces which are made up of the shapes, colours…

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Kristi Dots
Style Liberation

Learn the secret to packing smart and looking stylish on your next holiday. More garments don’t mean more outfit options, in life or travel (quite the opposite in fact). It also equals excess baggage…

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Sam Buckby Smarter Homes Workshop Facilitator
The Smarter Home Show

Get the skinny on bringing all your connected devices together in your home. Join our Smart Home expert Sam Buckby from SMARTER BUILDINGS…

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Leah Williamson
Discover Keto

Discover Keto and low carb eating through our expert Leah Williamson. She’ll get you started on everything you need to know in Keto…

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What We Do at Retail Rockstars
Clever Retailing
Market disruptions in retail lead to opportunities

We believe experiential retailing and in-store events are the number one opportunity for retailers in 2020.

If you have been busy training & compensating customers to shop online and ensuring similar brand experiences across all channels, your in-store experience has most likely suffered.

We locally manage, market and create LIVE in-store events for your store based on your existing branding.

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What's On Show

Inspire, educate and engage with customers ‘on brand’ right inside your store.

Our unique events feature some of Australia’s most talented experts, authors and thought leaders.

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Rockstar Academy

Have something special to share? We’re always looking for experts, authors and presenters.

Rockstar Academy can have you up and presenting in just 7 weeks with some of Australia’s biggest retailers.

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Rockstar Blog

If you love customer experience, retailing trends, community and technology this is the right place for you.

Learn more about our who our Rockstars are, hosting events in-store and experiential retailing.

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Do you have an amazing SHOW in you? Think you might be Rockstar Material? Training & Auditions are coming up in November in Brisbane & late February in Sydney.

In-store event

How to wake up and engage customers back to the store

We all need a little waking up don’t we? I feel like the “Great Pause” has made me a bit sleepy and sluggish. Chances are, so are your customers. So, here’s five ideas on how to wake up and re-engage your customers and get them back into the store. While COVID-19 has been scary and…


Biome's Founder Tracey Bailey

Bricks are Back; 4 Trends Award Winning Retailers Are Using

Bricks are back, baby!  These award-winning retailers are using their physical storefronts to not only enamour and engage customers but to connect with their customer community in profound and experiential ways.   Global Experience Study Recently, the Freeman Global Brand Experience Study found that if data is the fuel that powers the marketing mix, then experience and…


Retail Experiments

How to Create Magic Moments In-Store

Customer experience and journey mapping are all the rage at the moment. But how do we go about creating magic moments for customers in-store?   In my experience, the real force multiplier for brick and mortar stores comes from tapping into our own emotional and human needs – or what I like to refer to as…

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