Retailers love the excitement and good vibe our events create. It’s not just the retailers and the customers that enjoy it though, staff tend to get a bit excited too.

Still, many who haven’t walked down the ‘experiential retailing‘ path, might wonder how working with influencers and experts can REALLY benefit your store?

  • Increases profit and average spending per docket.

  • Increases customer advocacy through social media and word of mouth to family and friends.

  • Helps foster and create communities within your customers, a place to meet up.

  • Differentiates your store from your other…z z z boring competitors.

  • Creates a reason for customers to come into your store….YES, even if they are not in the market to buy something (impulse buys and store traffic are increased).

  • Creates reciprocity from value received – many have life changing experiences like losing weight, becoming healthier, success in business. Even if they didn’t buy that day, there is a thankful nature in attendees and loyalty when they do need something.

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The Smarter Home Show

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Kids & Food, healthy strategies for thriving

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Paleo Meal Planning

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The Chicken Story

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