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This is a workshop about eating triggers: the factors inside and outside our bodies that make us eat. Learn how to trick your body by giving it what it needs, and disarm potential day to day booby traps in your environment, so you are set up to eat for energy, vitality and weight loss.

Lisa Cutforth is degree qualified with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Nutrition and Psychology, she has a Cert IV in Training and Assessing and she has a certificate in cor don Blue Cookery. She is the head honcho at a weight loss clinic, Size Fantastic, as well as the owner of Healthy Meals To Your Door, a healthy meal delivery service. She is super passionate about health and food and is known for breaking down unhelpful beliefs and taking health off the “too hard” shelf, by equipping people with simple and practical ideas and strategies. She is also a great myth buster and will help dismantle some of the more dangerous weight loss myths out there, that are getting a lot of people in strife.

In this 1-hr FREE workshop – you will learn how to identify true hunger from other urges to eat, get some tips on how to set up your kitchen so you are triggered to eat the right stuff. You will also learn some super hunger busting, craving and weight releasing tips and strategies… She’ll also prepare a couple of quick meals and snacks that help to combat nutrient and energy deficiencies to keep cravings at bay, and improve your body’s overall performance.

If you’d like to learn more about nutrition, the psychology of eating and how our body can be satiated and release weight naturally, without losing your mind and your health – this is a workshop you won’t want to miss.

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