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About The Director – Amy Roche

With over 20 years experience in the marketing and retailing industry, Amy started experimenting in her own 2500sqm store by using ‘industry experts’ to run educational workshops because she saw three alarming trends emerging;

  • Her customers were disengaged and not responding to marketing as they once did
  • Every year profits were deteriorating
  • Her foot traffic was declining

Her events were not only a great experience for the customer but also lead to impressive sales, profit and created a whole lot of goodwill. As customers attended more events and experiences they began to ‘wake up’ and re-engage with their staff and marketing.


When asked by a mentor what these ‘experts’ represented in her events, she said, “They are the Rockstars”, and that’s how the name Retail Rockstars was born.


After a couple years of trial and error, Amy wanted to ‘bottle’ the special ingredients of her most successful events and created Experience by Design, her own unique five-step methodology which ensures an inspirational, memorable and positive psychological in-store experience that deeply resonates with customers.


Her book entitled, “The Retail Experiment, 5 Proven Strategies to engage & excite customers through in-store experience”, is all about winning back the modern customer and available through all good book retailers in Australia as well as Amazon, Booktopia, Dymocks, Barnes&Noble as well as e-versions on iBooks, Scribed and Kindle.

What We Are Good At

Our Rockstars are already well-known experts in their field, and we work to provide you, the retailer, with experiences & SHOWS that deliver big value to your customers in-store.


By creating memorable experiences, we help drive deeper engagement, loyalty and promote advocacy. We also source and manage experts like; stylists, chefs, designers, home efficiency experts, nutritionists, fitness & health gurus who deliver real value to the most important people in your store – your customers.


In a nutshell, we develop, market and promote it all for you through our networks as well as yours, collect RSVP’s and manage the entire event.

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The Most Effective Marketing Today Helps People

Providing education and value to customers is great way to kick­off any genuine relationship. We see the following outcomes for our clients;

Profit and/or average spending per docket increased
Differentiates your store from competitors selling the same products
Social media and word of mouth advocacy – your biggest fans!
Increased frequency of customer visits by attendee’s
Formation of social and educational hubs for customers – a place to meet up!
Increased sales

Our Story

Today, it’s not enough to have a beautifully merchandised store in a great location, filled with the latest stock and a well trained and supported team.  In the era of the Customer, all of this is expected and merely the “starting point”.


We help retailers re-engage and add value to their customers’ lives by offering educational and inspirational workshops that leave customers excited about new lifestyles, gadgets and products. We help our clients to connect to their customers in a fresh resourceful way that creates advocacy, reciprocity and impressive sales results.


  • I attended one of the Paleo Christmas shows at The Good Guys and was blown away by the amount of value and expertise for a free event. Presenters were so knowledgeable it really exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend attending their shows or partnering with them for their next retail event!

    Tina Kirwan
  • “We’ve seen a definite lift in sales, visitation and overall engagement with our customers.

    Around 57% of attendees are new customers so it’s been great for new customer acquisitions too.

    After each event, we receive a detailed report on the event which includes customer feedback. We’re always pleased to see really positive comments from our customers who are looking forward to shopping with us again in the future.” read more

    Adrian Mitchell
    Adrian Mitchell | Chief Marketing Officer from Betta Home Living
  • Our in-store events with Retail Rockstars are giving us a much deeper connection with our customers.

    We’ve experienced great success attracting new customers and sales. Our existing customers are also delighted by the opportunity to attend the workshops and events. read more

    James Brockhurst- The Good Guys
    Owner Capalaba Store
  • So I’ve just attended the paleo experience at Good Guys, I thought I knew about Paleo, but I learnt so much in that hour presentation. The presenter explained for busy people how to prepare in advance using a slow cooker. So before I left I purchased a larger slow cooker.

    Kimberly James
  • It’s great to see customers engaged in these workshops and enjoying hands-on experience before they buy the product. read more

    Francie Vincent – The Good Guys
    Owner - Mt. Gravatt Store
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