Frequently Asked Questions

For the cooking shows, is the food & supplies included in the price?

Yes, each show is priced to include any and all necessary supplies or food, workbooks – everything is inclusive of the SHOW price.

What is the cost of a SHOW?

Each show is priced individually based on supplies, ingredients, gear, grading of the experts. Pete Evens is not the same price as Suzy Smith. Request a “What’s On Show Menu’s” for the latest Shows, dates and costs, or click the request quote button on Home page.

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If we book a SHOW, do I the owner, franchisee, JVP need to be there?

The short answer is no, we are totally self-sufficient. However, we’ve found toward the end of the show if you pop your head in and thank everyone for coming your customers will feel super special and even more engaged, so we really encourage that.

How many Customers will be able to attend our show, and do we need to take RSVPs?

Depends on the retailers showroom, but we’ve found most retailers can take anywhere from 18-30 attendee’s. The beauty of our shows is that Retailers can put their feet up. We do all the promotion, all the marketing images, flyers and take RSVP’s. We will let you know about 2 days prior to the show HOW many RSVP’s are booked in.

How long do the SHOWS go for?

We have found 1 hr, is just the right amount of time.

How do we book a SHOW?

See a SHOW you dig? Simply email or call us on 1300 337 772, we can send you through all the details and book it in for you. Alternatively click on the Booking button on Home page.

Are the results measurable?

Yes, they are! In fact we have some pretty impressive purchasing and video testimonials from customers already. We also provide a full comprehensive report after each show. Complete with RSVP versus attendee data, customer details, photo’s, social media insights, completed/known sales and any outstanding customers questions along with staff members name was that handled the customers after the SHOW.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you still have a question that needs answered feel free to drop us a line using the form below . We will get back to you as soon as we can.


  • Our in-store events with Retail Rockstars are giving us a much deeper connection with our customers.

    We’ve experienced great success attracting new customers and sales. Our existing customers are also delighted by the opportunity to attend the workshops and events. read more

    James Brockhurst- The Good Guys
    Owner Capalaba Store
  • It’s great to see customers engaged in these workshops and enjoying hands-on experience before they buy the product. read more

    Francie Vincent – The Good Guys
    Owner - Mt. Gravatt Store
  • Fantastic idea and experience! As a kitchen design and cabinet maker we were looking for something to differentiate us and help get customers across the line. We have really increased our conversion, but also have so many compliments from clients about our educational events – the good will is immeasurable.

    Anita Banks – Everything Cabinets
  • So I’ve just attended the paleo experience at Good Guys, I thought I knew about Paleo, but I learnt so much in that hour presentation. The presenter explained for busy people how to prepare in advance using a slow cooker. So before I left I purchased a larger slow cooker.

    Kimberly James
  • I attended one of the Paleo Christmas shows at The Good Guys and was blown away by the amount of value and expertise for a free event. Presenters were so knowledgeable it really exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend attending their shows or partnering with them for their next retail event!

    Tina Kirwan

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