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Learn the secret to packing smart and looking stylish on your next holiday.

More garments don’t mean more outfit options, in life or travel (quite the opposite in fact). It also equals excess baggage.

Join Image Consultant Kristi Gooden /Fiona Keary from Style Liberation in this 1hr Free Workshop to get the low-down on how to pack light and look stylish in whatever context you might find yourself, while on your travel adventures.

Kristi/Fiona will walk you through the theory you need to be THAT person – the one who goes overseas for three weeks with minimal baggage. You’ll get the tools to:

  • understand your style personality;
  • decide your best colours;
  • choose garment shapes and lines that flatter your body architecture and
  • create perfect capsule wardrobe, that is, a combination of 12 or so versatile items that mix and match perfectly, giving you endless outfit options, taking you from day to night, formal to casual and warm to cold.

You’ll also receive a free copy of Style Liberation’s 35+ Where to Shop, a retail guide that helps you understand what up to 85 stores have to offer in terms of style, colour palette and how they cater to different body shapes.

See you there!

If you'd like more information, available dates and pricing on our Show, fill in the below information and we will send you the latest Brochure.

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