Remarkable SHOWS are not accidental
they are carefully constructed bits of emotional engagement

Experts like: chefs, paleo aficionados, authors, food bloggers, cooks, nutritionists, efficiency experts, tech gurus, health & fitness coaches are just some of the amazing talent that help us bring our shows to life in retail stores.

While our experts are already good at their craft, we train, refine and work with them to transform their ‘thing’ from good to REMARKABLE through our three-step training methodology called “Rockstar Academy”, which focuses on:

  • Presenting and Performance
  • Clarity and Communication of Your Purpose
  • Products and Tools for Success

Rockstar Academy is a fast-paced, seven-week implementation course. Meaning it is not just theory, learning and statistics. After completing the program you will have tangible IP (intellectual property) in the way of articles and online profiles, a new understanding of presentation and some real clarity around the value of your craft.

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    Rockstar Academy

    Rockstar Academy is an intense seven-week implementation program designed for “Budding Experts”. Typically, most experts in the academy are already excellent at their craft but looking to expand their business and or personal profile. Majority of our attendee’s are either in start-up mode, or looking to take their small business to next level.

    There’s nothing like watching incredible talent grow, blossom and become even MORE remarkable. It’s an indescribable joy.

    Paula Abdul

    retail rockstars