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Back by popular request, our resident Paleo expert, Leah Williamson is sharing her meal prepping secrets.

Leah who is, by the way, a celebrity in the Paleo and whole foods eating movement here in Brisbane, leads a 1-hr workshop devoted to that dreaded, yet admired art of meal planning, preparation and stocking your Paleo pantry.

This workshop is designed to help those just starting or already embarking on their Paleo journey. It’s a sneak-peak at the strategies and tips for sticking with the lifestyle and being successful in implementing it into your family’s already full-on schedule.

Whether you’ve just started learning about Paleo or if you know quite a bit already, this is a great workshop to get your family better organised and prepped for whole food success.

If you'd like more information, available dates and pricing on our Show, fill in the below information and we will send you the latest Paleo Brochure.

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Discover Paleo Workshop

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