Market disruptions in retail lead to opportunities.

While retailers have been busy training and compensating customers to shop online and ensuring similar brand experiences across all channels, in-store experience has suffered. Simply put, our tech obsession has made physical visits to the store somewhat dull. It’s a simple fix, but requires an overall strategy across your brand network.


As global and online competition heats up, bringing excitement, intrigue and life back into your brick-and-mortar store will be one of the BIG opportunities for retailers in 2023.


We help retailers to evoke Memorable Experiences, Engage, Educate and Create Value for their customers.  We develop, manage, deliver and promote innovative events, strategies and experiences for your customers.


Offering different experiences each time your customer visit – or even crazier, providing them with a reason to visit when they don’t even need anything? Re-imagine what your retail store can be.


Our industry experts, or ‘Rockstars’, showcase trending topics in-store like paleo nutrition and lifestyle, self-confidence and fashion/style workshops, gluten-free workshops, business on the Cloud, DIY smart homes and much more.


Rockstars deliver shows that not only highlight new trends and innovations but also bring customers’ visits to life, with 24% of attendees purchasing something.

We improve 3 main challenges for retail showrooms:
  • Low Profit: We increase profit on average by 7%, showcasing quality products and focusing on results those products produce.
  • Falling Foot Traffic: Around 41% of attendee’s are NEW customers and the average size of an event is around 35 people
  • Low ROI marketing: The most effective marketing today helps people. Our shows offer genuine value on hot topics. Moving away from shouting sales advertising and ‘price only’ propositions and moving towards adding value to their store visit.
Featured Shows
Lalita Lowe

Signature Uniform

As women most of us wear only 20% of the clothes we have in our closet. We gravitate towards a small percentage of pieces which are made up of the shapes, colours…

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Kristi Dots

Style Liberation

Learn the secret to packing smart and looking stylish on your next holiday. More garments don’t mean more outfit options, in life or travel (quite the opposite in fact). It also equals excess baggage…

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Sam Buckby Smarter Homes Workshop Facilitator

The Smarter Home Show

Get the skinny on bringing all your connected devices together in your home. Join our Smart Home expert Sam Buckby from SMARTER BUILDINGS…

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